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Tagamoto is a HexBug line of toys. The series utilizes cars instead of bugs.

General Information[]

Tagamoto tracks have small stickers you can put on them called "Road Codes" that make the Tagamoto cars do different things. The cars have a code scanner that detects data through an internal light sensor, as well as a micro-processor that decodes command information, making the car do a different things as they drive past a Road Code. (e.g. There are oil spill Road Codes that make the cars stop. There is also a Road Code that causes the car's headlights to turn on.)


  • Tagamoto Enforcer Road Set (Two cars, 30 Road Codes and more that 65 road track pieces. Biggest Tagamoto playset so far.)
  • Tagamoto City Road Set (One car with lights and sound, 20 Road Codes and more than 40 road track pieces.)
  • Tagamoto Road Set (Basic set.)
  • Two types of Tagamoto car one-packs: One with a car with lights, and one with a car with lights and sound.
  • Tagamoto battery 2-packs.